neighborhood thrift store

We got some new mittens and two wall prints, both for our boy, at the thrift store this week. I used my $5 off coupon and paid a whopping 15 cents out of pocket.

On discount Tuesday, I found a brand new long black skirt, still with the original store tag on.

What do you like to buy at thrift stores?

What was your best deal recently?


Today was half price day at several thrift stores. We set out at 9 a.m., planning to visit two or three, but I ran out of steam after just one. No matter. We got several items on our list, and our son found the prize of the day. He tried on these next-to-new slippers and wouldn’t take them off:

At $1.25, they weren’t worth arguing about. Besides I like them well enough and think they may even keep his feet warm at some point, though he sure didn’t need them for that purpose today.

“Two Cliffards!” he informed me as he peered at his feet on the car ride home.