eight more days to celebrate poetry month

April is poetry month. This year I’ve been a little too preoccupied with work-related deadlines – and a tax-related deadline – to give it much thought. Until this week.

So, how does one celebrate poetry month, you ask? The main goal is to show your kids how fun it can be to play with words. Yesterday we sang several verses of Down by the Bay, making up our own rhymes for the verses. Today my five-year-old and I wrote a limerick together. It was silly and not very good, but it made him giggle. I’ll just tell you the words at the end of each line and you’ll probably get the main idea:

Rick, kick, time out, pout, stick

Tomorrow we’ll read Louder than a Clap of Thunder. Perhaps we’ll make it popcorn and poetry evening.

For more ideas, see last year’s post on ways to celebrate poetry month with your children.

What’s one of your favorite children’s poems?