how parents keep their sanity on cold winter days

Yesterday I felt no reason to venture into the tundra with my two charges, especially when it takes at least 20 minutes to get us all bundled up and out the door. Such is our lot in January in Minnesota. And in February. And much of March.

Today the headline on the cover of one of the free weekly publications I scan on my way out of the library caught my eye: “Hibernation: how to stay home in style this winter.” I just had to grab a copy. Of course, the article didn’t offer much inspiration for my current state. Then again, it made no claims about solutions for keeping preschool boys from¬†bickering or hurting each other when in close proximity for extended periods. (Even so,¬†I’ll hang on to it for the foolproof gnocchi recipe, which I may try soon.)

So I’m still brainstorming. What are some creative ways to pass an hour or two on those days when you’re feeling stuck inside with your kiddos?